south finland map

The South Finland EU Office represents three Southern Finnish regions: Häme, Itä-Uusimaa and Päijät-Häme. These regions form an area around the capital of Finland, Helsinki. This area has a total population a little less than half a million.


Gate of Europe to Russia and Baltic Countries

Because of its perfect location, South Finland is a vital development interface between Europe and Russia, with safe production conditions, effective transportation systems and familiarity with Eastern European trading habits. South Finland is an integral part of the expansion of Russian and Baltic markets and the whole Baltic sea area.


Unspoiled pure nature

The natural environment ranges from national parks to islands, inland lakes, sea shores and forests. The natural environment is virtually untouched, with numerous rivers flowing through the area. The environmental technology know-how represents the strong sides of the area. All regions are actively involved in the intensification of environmental protection in Russia and the Baltic region.


Finnish design flourishes from the strong cultural heritage

South Finland is known for its cultural activities, greatly influenced by folklore and traditions. Besides the 13th century Häme castle, there are several medieval stone churches, old manors and factory sites, the Svartholma sea fortress and famous wooden Old Porvoo.

Cultural life does not, however, rely only on the past, but has strong links to contemporary Finland. Famous Finnish design from glass to the furniture flourishes in the area. Swedish is also spoken here as elsewhere in the finnish coastline, which also enriches the cultural heritage of the area.
In the footsteps of Jean Sibelius

World famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius was born and spent most of his life in Southern Finland. In his honour Lahti has built a wooden congress and concert hall, called the Sibelius Hall. Its resident orchestra, the Lahti Symphony Orchestra, is internationally famous for its interpretations of the music of Sibelius.

The main tasks of the South Finland EU-office are:

1. To co-ordinate and uphold joint Southern Finnish interests on the basis of an international approach and as one area in Europe.

2. To represent organisations and inhabitants of the area in the European Union, particularly with regard to regional representatives from other European countries.

3. To disseminate knowledge of the area and its regions, and to continue to build and consolidate networks within the European Union and further.