Mission & Tasks

The overall aim of the South Finland EU-Office is to ensure that people, businesses and organisations in the region make the most out of the European Union. Goals are internationalisation, influence and visibility.

The main tasks of South Finland EU-Office are

  •     To represent and market South Finland
  •     To ensure fast and accurate information flow to Finland
  •     To create and maintain relations with EU institutions
  •     To improve the co-operation with other provinces and regions in Europe

Activities include:

  •     Advice, guidance and information on EU affairs
  •     Assistance on EU funding opportunities and applications
  •     Create links to other European regions through networking and partner searches
  •     Provide information and early warnings of EU policy and developments
  •     Provide in-depth specialist briefings on selected policy areas
  •     Organise and facilitate delegation visits from the region to Brussels
  •     Advise on international strategies and facilitate international contacts
  •     Assist with promotion of the South Finland


Please check the Uutiset for more information on current seminars and events organized by South Finland EU-Office.