AltaVista advanced search, in which the available search operators AND, OR, AND NOT, NEAR (10 word distance), * (cut), “” (phrases), the time of cropping, sort order, etc.

Search multiple search engines (including Altavista), the possibility of the subject search, Power Search-search for a wide variety of crop potential (e.g. + WORD-WORD).
(In English; and-or-sited).

The Finnish-language search system; Retrieves the size of the network, the Finland indexed more accurately; search operators + Word-Word, “a”, filtering capabilities (e.g., the domain).

Libraries and information centres:

(Main page = > state documents, the library = > ELKI, etc.).
(Links to statistical sources).
(Helsinki School of Economics and business administration; the excellent links).
(Centre for international mobility CIMO).
(Finpro, a former foreign trade).

Jyväskylä University Library, operated by the Finnish national virtual, which coordinate system other scientific libraries in virtual libraries. The page is a thematic list, which links will take the proper virtual library search page.

Board of the library of virtual or (link to list of describing information), also the title of a topic to search for ELKI EU links with the institutions and bodies, key documents, programs, and projects. ELKIssä is a word in the search form (Eng. and engl., cutting off the #, the operators AND, OR, AND NOT).

Virtual Library of statistics; tilastontuottajien links to Finnish, international organisations and foreign statistical agencies and internet sources (direct publications and tauluikohin). Use keyword search form with automatic cut-off. Available to the operators AND, OR, AND NOT, as well as the land and the subject category in the crop.

Virtual library maintained by the Helsinki School of Economics and the economic sector. Links will take you to a page or pages of the online journals, organizations usually are not directly in the data source. HKKK:n Helecon-page topic directories and link lists are often the source of information to assist in more effectively.

Information on the European Union:
The European Commission on the server (all 11 languages), with links to pages maintained by the European institutions.
offices exist

(The Commission representation in Finland).
Finland Europe information pages with a wealth of information and great links.
Hämeenlinna city library maintained by the EU – link to the pages.

The EU’s statistical agency Eurostat’s page, which has an abundance of member countries and also areas of concern-vaa statistical information. The data can be difficult to find, but the search feature in help.

British libraries and other information organizations, developed and maintained by an excellent list of links to aiheit-not permissible in the European Union matters.

Berkeley University, operated by the massive EU information link in the collection.
Public procurement:

The Ted database requests = the aforementioned official journal S series.

A good description of the information package for EU public procurement system; included in the dialogue with companies in the site.

Project advisors unit was transferred to the Ministry of trade and industry leadership and decision KTM:stä (ent. In the hands of the Finnish ulkomaankauppaliiton).

Information about EU programmes and cooperation possibilities:

Board of the library of the link list, with thematic pages including > EU programmes and projects >.

The rural information centres in Finland; These ladies have their own home pages, and link lists.

The Interior Ministry website, an EU programme of work in Finland, the structural funds and the objectives; General information, annual reports, and links.

The EU’s research programmes.

The Commission’s extensive businesses pages

In English, French or German about the Community Development Fund and funded programs.

A list of the legislation in force, the Act preparation (proposals), the official journal of the EC, the latest L-and C-series numbers (